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The 1966 marriage between Crédit local de France and Crédit Communal de Belgique predicted a leading European group in lending to local authorities. The union was even beyond all expectations since DEXIA has since become the world’s number one.

Nothing could then predict the crisis that shakes the Bank today.

Paradoxically, the rescue of the institution would come from the reverse mechanism namely a dismantling of its activities, the only solution according to the leaders to save what can still be.

The planned decommissioning plan

 The planned decommissioning plan

As the first step in a long process, the retail banking operations grouped within DBB (DEXIA BANK BELGIUM) will be nationalized. This decision is also a strong signal to reassure the Belgian population and tell him that the money deposited in bank accounts could remain safe, which has not prevented the massive withdrawals in recent days, according to the Managing Director of the bank.

The French loan activity for local authorities, for its part, could be resold to a pool made up of the Caisse de Dépôts et Consignations and the Banque Postale.

The other branches of the group would be resold elsewhere. We even talk about the interest of Qatar investors for the Luxembourg subsidiary.

Are we done with “toxic” placements?

Are we done with "toxic" placements?

The financial crisis does not finish to make victims with each time the same origin. ” Subprime ” or high-risk investments seem to have attracted not only the vast majority of banks, but also states and local governments. One can without playing the sooths predict other victims and not only among the banks.

We have not finished hearing about toxic borrowing and the consequences of this “financial evil” probably ended up bringing a lot of disasters.

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A bank, also known as a bank or bank, is a company that operates commercial banking operations and operates clients in the banking business. Big banks, savings banks, Volksbanks and Raiffeisen banks and private banks are credit institutions. As early as the 13th century, the first credit institution was said to have existed in Europe, namely in Florence.

The business areas of a credit institution include lending services, monetary stimulus, payments, economic functions and securities transactions. Common business areas include lending and savings management. These two pillars of business are also the main task of many banks. Clients of a credit institution are private and corporate customers, states and local authorities and credit institutions themselves. The Banking Act establishes the legal basis of credit institutions. In 2007, HSBC, Citigroup and the Bank of America were among the largest credit institutions.

Among other things, people can open a checking account. These are not just for adults, because credit institutions also always have special offers for a checking account for young people and students. On this then deposits can be made and business transactions, such as transfers, debits and direct debits are made through the current account. Furthermore, a credit institution is responsible when a loan or loan is needed. Customers can submit an application which is processed and possibly approved by the bank.

Banks have different conditions, requirements and laws that they and their customers must adhere to in order for bank transactions to be final. The banks also have conditions for individual banking transactions. These can be, for example, the general loan terms. The terms and conditions are also part of this and are the same in all major banks. If banking transactions are made or contracts are concluded, the customers must accept the terms and usually also sign. Credit institutions are obliged to display the terms and conditions in the store and make them accessible to everyone. If a customer wants to have a copy for his documents, he can also receive this from the bank.

The term “credit institution” is basically not the same as the term “bank”, because a bank is considered to be a generic term for bank, savings bank, etc. Credit institutions have different legal forms: they are either a public-law institution, for example the savings banks or a corporation of public law, for example Landesbanken.


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The mortgage is a financial security that is used as collateral when financing. Mortgages are registered in the land register and belong to the real estate lien. A land charge is a hedge of a loan, a loan. The liens are regulated in §§ 1113 – 1203 BGB. The land charge is a security interest for a property. In Germany, the mortgage, the pension debt and the land charge are mortgages. They are given as security for a loan, for a loan. The land charge arises on the basis of a contract between the landowner and the one in whose favor the land charge is to be ordered. With the land charge right, the lender has the option of obtaining this sum through a foreclosure auction if the borrower is no longer able to make the payments. If the payer does not provide the payments, the owner of the land charge right can enforce the foreclosure in order to get his money.

In the case of a land charge right of annuity, a regular payment is agreed to the creditor. If no installments are paid, Bank can make use of the lien. A Grundpfandrechtsgäubieger is a lender who has secured this by a mortgage. A land charge is a hedge of a loan, a loan. This usually occurs as part of mortgage lending. The land charge is a right for a property. These include in Germany the mortgage, the pension debt and the mortgage. They are granted as security for a loan, for a loan. The mortgagee enters the mortgage in order to secure his claims against the debtor. In a notarial deed the interest and the loaded in addition to the amount of the mortgage amount, possession noted. This certificate gets the land registry office. A mortgage is a land or other property charged. It is a mortgage on a property, the owner is liable with the value of the property. If it can not be paid, then the creditor has the right to use the property and get his money. In a real estate, the creditor has no right to the property itself. For lenders, a mortgage is used as collateral for a longer-term loan. There are different types of mortgages. Hedging Mortgage Highest Rate Mortgage Total Mortgage Amortization or Mortgage Mortgage Securities Mortgage.


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After a long period of decline against the backdrop of the Greek crisis, European stock markets are picking up their spirits somewhat. From there to imagine that the markets are again confident in the future, there is a step that must not be crossed obviously.

Around 3500 points?

Around 3500 points?

The CAC 40 takes over if more than 11 points over a month (November 4, 2011 – 10:00), but the decline recorded since January 2011 still remains more than 16%. The result is even more appalling when you look at the level of the index over 5 years. The drop is then more than 40%.

The question today is whether this rise will have a lasting effect or whether the stock market will continue to play the “roller coaster”. In short, what type of placement should be considered?

Looking forward to the G20 and the settlement of the Greek crisis.

Looking forward to the G20 and the settlement of the Greek crisis.

The holding of the G20 in Cannes will have a strong impact on all European indices and the decisions that will be taken today (Friday 4) on the Greek crisis are, therefore, highly anticipated. In addition, the markets remain suspended at the official announcement of Prime Minister George Papandreou to abandon the referendum.

Will the strength of the European community as a whole vis-à-vis Greece be sufficient to make the bailout plan feasible? Many doubt it. If only because the country has almost no growth capacity. Its tax system is anarchic and can not provide the state with regular income.

On the other hand, undeclared work is a very important part of the country’s activity.
We remain extremely measured and consider that, to date, conditions are not in place to regain confidence in the equity market.

Safe-haven securities such as the tax-free passbook, gold or hard currency are a satisfactory waiting solution. Opening an A booklet may be the best thing to do if you do not have one yet.

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If you are looking for a good deposit account, you can not avoid the interest rate comparisons of the different account providers. But this is free of charge and costs only a little time. If you want to make an investment today, there are several variants available. They differ not only in interest rate comparisons, but also in the duration of fixed interest rates and in the availability of funds deposited there. Before you make a comparison of the account providers, you should therefore consider how long you want to invest the money in the maximum case.

Open the right deposit account online for each type of investor

Open the right deposit account online for each type of investor

In the case of investment forms such as time deposits, it is worthwhile experimenting with an interest rate comparison with different maturities and investment levels. Both can have a significant impact on the amount of interest paid. When looking at the account providers for overnight money, the daily availability is the same for all banks. Actually, it should also be the daily fixing of interest, but here are some account providers in marketing have come up with a customer-friendly idea. They are reflected in the interest comparison by binding the interest over several months.

Further differences can be found in the interest rate comparison regarding the speculative risk. Anyone who chooses account providers for call money and time deposit, has no such risk to fear. The situation is different when looking for an account provider, for example, where the savings account is connected to an investment in funds. There, the values ​​of the fund units change depending on supply and demand. The price changes of the individual securities held by the Fund also affect the value of the fund units.

Pay attention to the plant safety with the selection

Pay attention to the plant safety with the selection

When comparing interest rates for custody accounts today, you can find many online and direct banks that do not have their legal headquarters in Germany. With such an account provider one should inform oneself more exactly about the plant security offered. He comes from the EU, the new legislation, according to the 100,000 euros per investor and bank must be secured.

However, if you also include account providers outside the EU, then it may be that no investment collateral is offered. Information about it can be found directly on the provider page. Otherwise, take a look at the imprint or the terms and conditions to find out where the bank has its legal headquarters. There should be a jurisdiction specified. Here online: Best deposit account on the internet with unbeatable return.


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Daring Game: Financing in Foreign Currency

Foreign currency financing has always discredited the spirits: advocates see it as an appropriate way to reduce the cost of real estate financing, and adversaries see borrowing in a foreign currency more as an element of speculation rather than an asset-building tool.

What happens with foreign currency financing ? The principle is actually quite simple. A loan is not taken in euros but in another currency. Popular foreign currencies are the Japanese yen or the Swiss franc. In principle, however, loans can be taken in any major currency.
The goal of foreign currency financing is to exploit differences in the interest rates of different currency areas. For example, interest rates in Japan are traditionally very low because the country has been in a deflationary scenario since the 1990s. A low interest rate is trivially good for borrowers and allows faster repayment of liabilities.
Any installment the borrower uses to repay his exposure is converted into the loan currency. The exchange rate is not constant, but is subject to fluctuations whose direction and extent are unpredictable.
Here is the risk of foreign currency financing : If the value of the euro falls against the loan currency , a larger euro amount must be used for the repayment. So the real debt burden is rising. Experience shows that the price fluctuations on the foreign exchange market can take on considerable proportions.

However, the exchange rate fluctuations also offer a chance. If the price of the euro increases against the foreign currency , the debt burden decreases because a smaller amount of euro is needed for the debt service. At best, a significant portion of the loan will pay off “by itself” through foreign exchange gains.

The price risk requires special security measures. As a rule, banks require a significantly larger share of equity than is the case with conventional financing in the euro. In addition, a foreign currency loan is accompanied by active currency management, which redirects the loan to another currency in the event of major exchange rate losses, thus preventing worse.

Whether the risk of a foreign currency loan pays off can ultimately be judged only after the fact. However, since the basic motivation for borrowing in yen, francs and Co. is the reduction of the interest rate, the special risk should only be accepted if it faces a corresponding opportunity. In other words, foreign currency financing is only worthwhile if the interest level in the loan currency is significantly lower than in the euro zone.


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